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Georges falls ... or rather continues to be in love, as passionately as the flrst day. Edith had grown up hearing of his exploits from her mother, who never mentioned her love for this adventurer. Romantic as young girls are, Edith accepts with joy the attentions of this dashing colonel. Marie, negIecting to consuIt the family, offers her daughter in marriage to the colonel. At least that way she can live her love for him through her daughterl
ln their first year of marriage, she gives birth to a son, whom they would call Georges. The followln.g year, a daughter whom they call Edith. (So far they haven't shown themselves abundant in imagination in naming their children!) One year later another boy is born. They call him Roger ... my father! When, four years later, another girl is born it proves to be too much for such a delicate woman. Edith dies bringing her fourth child into the world. Georges cannot be consoled and hands her over to a nanny. He doesn't think he can survive his anguish and forces his children to wear black until his own death ... which wasnt for another twenty years! In the family we never were black dresses!
So to come back to my father and the acupuncture:

l have been rised with chinese phylosophie surrounding. But it went much farther ... My father didn't hesitate to take his pendulum to decide about diagnostics. And he was reading into the palm of hands but especially to the pretty clientes ... My mother was extremely intuitive and was reading a lot into her cards, especially for all my new boy friends ...

l never was interested especially for psychic work. Of course my mother was going often to see her voyante, and took me there several time. During the war, one called denise, told me l was going to marry an american boy and l will go to live abroad ... So in 1942 It was interesting to know the end of the war ....

Today I am going to try to explain what is the "voyance" I cannot promise you I could, because "reading" I could only constate its working but "HOW"? Its so mysterious!!! After 33 years I think I should! And still when things happen so incredibly right "on the nose" I can't help calling a friend of mine who always tells me "after all these years how could you be yet surprise ???" and I answer… The day I will think its normal and won't be surprise, then I am sure I will loose this "gift", because, then I might think "I am the best" and its completly wrong. I KNOW IT CANNOT BE ME…


LES TAUPES - Danielle Verne - Le Blog
J'avais lu le récit de l'expérience de Findhorn. Cette communauté se réunissait pour prier et parler avec les "Dévas" de la Nature.
N.D.E 1950 - Page 2 - Danielle Verne - N.D.E : Expérience de mort imminente
N.D.E 1950 - Page 2
La jeune femme est la prochaine expérience. Le même processus s'opère : je suis au dessus d'elle et je plonge... dans une jolie chambre verte et rose. Oh, la coquine ! Elle est dans les bras d'un beau jeune homme, ils s'aiment et visiblement ils sont très heureux ! Ne soyons pas trop indiscrète, tout de même ! Je m'échappe.
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Bélier je suis le premier: le premier signe de feu du Printemps. Je veux être le premier partout...
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Avons-nous tous un ange gardien ?
Dans ce numéro de "Spirituellement Vôtre", je réponds à cette question avec certitude.
JULES VERNE ET L'ESOTERISME  (2) - Danielle Verne - Jules Verne
Jules Verne, en fait , est un Sphinx, il vous donne une énigme . A vous de la résoudre avec votre propre évolution spirituelle… Si vous lisez le même livre à quinze, quarante ou soixante ans, vous y découvrez chaque fois quelque chose de nouveau.
COMMENT TIRER LES CARTES PARLANTES ? - Danielle Verne - Les Cartes Parlantes
Disposez les cartes face contre table et brouillez-les largement des deux mains. L'interprétation doit être lue avec la carte à l'endroit...

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