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The most difficult is for your own best friend! I had the idea to create my own divination cards… So the first friend coming I ask her to seat down and ask me a question : "Are we going to go huntinf the groose in Canada in october ?" To make a long story short : the answer was NO and you need to see a doctor for your breast…"Non non she said I just went last month everything is fine" Of course I was terribly mad and, as she was living down south I was calling every day and even call husband and son telling SHE HAVE TO GO BACK TO SEE HER SURGEON… I really get frantic and crying on the phone, so finally they took her to Nice and her surgeon looking at her Mamographie, operate her on the hour… asking how it was possible for her to insist so much. He just took only ONE little cellule out, and said "when it would have been possible to feel it as a small ball, it would have been too late and of course the entire breast would have to be taken away….
So the real question I know you want to hear is "HOW" Its possible ? You know… I would like to know too…. I just have a "urge" to say things, and its like a strong thought I can't get ride off! Once I told a certain Mrs DJIAN some real important things about his son, and of course he just didn't want to come, so I told her : when he will take an appointment he should give me another name, so he could be sure I would not tell what his mother want me to tell him…. So he came, but after a few minuts I ask ; Does the phrase "c'est un geant" (its a geant) means something to you.? He says no… and I just could not get farther! So I tell him "seams to me, the voice telling me this is laughing…" and there he laugh himself and says : " well…. Yes I know, my name is DJIAN and its pronouced: geant, I just didn't want to tell you the truth!"
So you see, WHY did I say that ? no explanation! I just realise it happen!!
I could tell you many stories as exemples, but as many as I could tell it won't give you the answer!!! Just accept it as it is !
Mysterious? Yes ! some dramaticly true, yes! Should we believe all about that? … NO! One thing I am sure, every body has a guardian angel who makes you meet the right people, the right time…. But if you are the kind of guy who always meet the wrong people the wrong time ? Then its because you have to LEARN more… and I could tell : you have all your life time to learn… otherwise you will have another life time to learn again!!


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