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Next is the young lady. As before, l hover over her and dive in ... into a pretty green and pink room. Oh, the naughty girI! She is in the arms of a handsome young man. They love each other and are obviously very happy! Let's not be too indiscreet! l leave them! My third exploration shows a young man typing. He is edgy, typing with one finger, and he is swearing ... l don't dwell in there and so l find myself, once again, against the ceiling of the operating room. l now "alight" onto the man who is level with my feet and to my right, expecting to end up in his apartment. Not at aIl! Surprisingly, l find myself in a beautiful garden with manicured lawns and a swing set. l am finally in an appealing place. l look at the very American house, which is surrounded by a pretty white picket fence. To the right of the house l see its exact miniature replica ... perhaps a fancy doghouse or a children's playhouse?

l feel good; l want to stay and yet l have the nagging feeling that l have to leave right away as if l had an appointment somewhere. ln fact, l have the sky up above me ... as in each case l seemed "to leave" upwards, perhaps it is now time to go to "heaven"! Curiosity takes me away. l am ready. Will l see my whole life flash before my eyes? Will my good deeds be weighed against my bad ones? l'm a bit worried about the outcome! What if Hell really does exist? And what about purgatory's waiting room? Did l secure enough plenary indulgences with my rosaries? Supposedly that shortens your stay in purgatory! This is it! When you have to go, you have to go and ... l'm back in the operating room!! Phew! My time isn't up yet ... Quick, l'Il dive into someone else ... My doctor? No, l'Il keep him till last. l go to a man who is manipulating aIl those tubes and things on "this woman's" face ... it's my body ... Not me.

l surreptitiously infiltrate this man: everything is in darkness except for a small red light; Wagnerian music fills the darkness.

My feeling of urgency increases, so l leave abruptly and immediately invade Dr Given; l pour myself into him. What's this? After aIl, l am not playing at Alice in Wonderland, and yet l find myself, miniscule, inside a gigantic and immaculate cathedral. l look up and float towards the Gothic arched roof. This time l know l will end up near "my body Il in the operating room. l wonder who l am to "haunt" next. My husband of course! l would be curious to know what he is thinking.

Suddenly everything is engulfed in a strange white light. White, because l have to try and describe it, but it has the brilliance and power of lightning. How can l describe to you the indescribable? No word in any language can convey the essence of this pure energy ....


LES TAUPES - Danielle Verne - Le Blog
J'avais lu le récit de l'expérience de Findhorn. Cette communauté se réunissait pour prier et parler avec les "Dévas" de la Nature.
N.D.E 1950 - Page 2 - Danielle Verne - N.D.E : Expérience de mort imminente
N.D.E 1950 - Page 2
La jeune femme est la prochaine expérience. Le même processus s'opère : je suis au dessus d'elle et je plonge... dans une jolie chambre verte et rose. Oh, la coquine ! Elle est dans les bras d'un beau jeune homme, ils s'aiment et visiblement ils sont très heureux ! Ne soyons pas trop indiscrète, tout de même ! Je m'échappe.
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Bélier je suis le premier: le premier signe de feu du Printemps. Je veux être le premier partout...
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Avons-nous tous un ange gardien ?
Dans ce numéro de "Spirituellement Vôtre", je réponds à cette question avec certitude.
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Jules Verne, en fait , est un Sphinx, il vous donne une énigme . A vous de la résoudre avec votre propre évolution spirituelle… Si vous lisez le même livre à quinze, quarante ou soixante ans, vous y découvrez chaque fois quelque chose de nouveau.
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Disposez les cartes face contre table et brouillez-les largement des deux mains. L'interprétation doit être lue avec la carte à l'endroit...

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