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N.D.E. (10) : THE RETURN

- How long has she been screaming like that?

- For at least ten minutes, doctor. Impossible to wake her up, should l give her a sedative?

- No, she might fall back into a coma. This will do the trick: a few good slaps on the face. That'll wake her up! AlI right, Mrs Brauer, calm down.

- l want to come back ... l want to come back

- Yes, you're here, you are back with us.... AH! There she is ... she's opening her eyes.

- Where am I?

- At Roosevelt Hospital in New York. You must have had a terrible nightmare!

- l want to see my son.

- Your son? l thought you wanted a girl? l wasn't sure how to break it to you that you had a boy! He's beautiful, eight pounds and a haIt! l'Il go and get him.

- No, later. l want you to write down this dream that l had. l am afraid of forgetting it.

And so l recited my dream, which l vividly recalled, eyes shut, without forgetting one sequence. As l opened my eyes, l looked at my nurse who seemed very uneasy and scared. She finished writing and said excitedly:

- l was the nurse during your operation. My apartment has a green carpet and pink drapes. l got married eight days ago. The doctor to my right was your anaesthetist: he does a lot of research in Mexico; his walls are covered with Aztec masks. It is just like a museum. To my left was the young intern; he has asked me to find him somebody to type his thesis. l don't know about the others' private lives but l'Il find out.

A little later she cornes back with the two assistants, and reading back my "dream" she asks the one with a house to de scribe it to us.

- l'Il do better than that, here is a picture of it.


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