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The picture is complete: the white picket fence, the swing ... and also the little replica of the house which had aroused my curiosity. He had built it himself as a playhouse for his son. Everything is there, but backwards!

Much later, l would notice that when l get images, they would appear as if from behind a two-way mirror. But that would come much later!

The young nurse continues her search. The cardiologist reveals that when he opens his front do or it turns on his record player. No matter what time he gets back from the hospital, he pours himself a drink. He sits down in a chair in total darkness and listens to classical music to depressurize from his work before going back out again.

Only the surgeon is left to explain this bizarre impression l've kept of a sort of sanctuary and a huge empty space.

- Each time l face a difficult operation (he tells me) - and during this operation l was desperately trying to save two lives, wondering which of the two was going to slip between my fingers at any moment - each time, l achieve a total emptiness and silence within myself. Symbolically the cathedral represents the "womb" (and then he adds) ...

You were clinically dead for a minute and fifteen seconds. Your vital signs went completely flat.
The electrocardiogram and the encephalogram showed no signs of life.

Now no one is surprised as in 1970 Prof. Moody's book related many such cases ... yet l have never read about a case as extensive as mine. Many people have experienced clairvoyant spells and sorne cases have strange similarities to mine: sometimes the low and high pitch note, always the tunnel, always the light, the disembodiment and even the "choice". AIl will tell you that you are never the same after this experience.


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le Professeur Laborit a commencé à me passionner car il parlait du cerveau, matière qui me fascine depuis longtemps. l
N.D.E 1950 - Page 1 - Danielle Verne - N.D.E : Expérience de mort imminente
N.D.E 1950 - Page 1
En attendant, il s'agit de faire un enfant. Je prépare activement le berceau de ma fille. C'est une petite fille que je veux habiller, car je suis modéliste...
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Dans ce Spirituellement Vôtre, Danielle Verne répond à la question //photo : LA DANSE DES LUTINS laque de DV.
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1848 : 20 ans, c’est l’arrivée à Paris et l’orientation vers le théâtre, qui le conduira à abandonner ses projets de carrière juridique, tout en ayant fait son droit et obtenu son diplôme d’avocat.
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APPARTEMENT. Cela peut se passer chez vous, dans votre paillotte ... ou même dans votre bureau !

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