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Of course as acupuncture was very new the "medecine academy" was against him... But the results was so fantastic people could only worship him!... except his own doctors fellow workers who send him for years only desesperate cases! But my father was always againts people who can do acupuncture or even homeopathie without beeing doctors and he only tooks students if they were doctors! He made lot of law suits againts the ones who wanted to do acupuncture without beeing doctor before. He wanted the academy recognize it as a real medecine in order to suit all the "charlatan".. but they never recognise it officially,(as they does for homeopathie) that is why everybody could call themself acupuncture doctor without having the right to do it.Every morning he received poor people in hospital for free... but at his office he made rich people paid a lot. He was very well known and had a lot of honours.
During the war in 1942 we were in Annecy it was still the "free line" and my mother left for Paris to assist my sister having her child, so I was alone with my father and beeing 18 he asked me to help him. But I am very impress by people having wounds or hurts and I was more fainting that standing up! So I was a very bad nurse! I tried 10 months, but when France was complitly occupied we came back to Paris, and I happily went back to my Beaux arts studies... and was helping Nina Ricci as a designer... until the very first show the top model got sick and Nina Ricci asked me to be at her place for one day... and I stayed there for 2 years. I was very well paid, I was the only model having the right to go out with the dresses... and my father of course didnot know about my new job until one of her client saw me there and told him!


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N.D.E 1950 - Page 3 - Danielle Verne - N.D.E : Expérience de mort imminente
N.D.E 1950 - Page 3
Soudain, une étrange lumière blanche. Blanche, parce qu'il faut bien la nommer, mais c'est aussi fort que la fulgurance d'un éclair. Comment décrire l'indescriptible ? Il n'y a aucun mot en aucune langue pour concrétiser cette source d'énergie pure...
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Maître Zacharius est aussi un modèle du genre : cet horloger qui a la responsabilité de toutes les horloges de son pays, voit tout-à-coup toutes celles-ci s’arrêter les unes après les autres
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