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I cannot use my special abilities to know the winning numbers of loto... or Horse races! It would be so nice!

About the memorable consultation or event surrounding a consultation? It is very hard to tell because when I am on "that" state of psychic "opening"... I sort of dont "print" anything, and, as I should be ready for the next client, I erase everything. But of course when people tells me after what happened I remember.

I could tell you one event very strange and another very curious :
The first happened it was only one year after I started. I was dining with my friend Gerard, when the phone rings :
- Hello... who are you?
-(I dont like that kind of start...) Who are you yourself?
- I can't tell you its too mysterious...
-Oh then OK if it is mysterious, its ok with me because I am a phychic.
- What? I can't beleive it!
Then I ear she is quite excited with people behing her, telling who I was.
and she explain

- My mother died last january, and a few months after I dreamed of her, and she was giving me some numbers. So I wrote them down and I told my friends: It must be the loto! or some races... so since 3 months we play everythings and we never won anything. But last night I made the same dream and it was the same numbers. So I was just telling that to my friend and one told me it might be a phone number so that is why I call you. But I know my mother loved to go to see person like you...

-Could you give me her birth date ? because I keep all my records by birth dates. When she gave it to me I found immediatly the file and say:
Her name was louise? your name is Anna? She came because you were going to divorce and she liked your husband very much.
- well, I am still on that divorce again etc.....

So I thought it was fun because I refused always to put some advertising on newspapers... and if "upthere" they make me annouces like this! imagine!


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