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It is time to have a baby. l actively prepare my daughter's cot. As l am
a trained designer it is a little girl that l want to dress up. October 16,
1950, in New York, she announces her arrivaI!
So, she is going to be born on my father's birthday. This means this she will not be easy. For two days and two long nights this girl shows a certain amount of originality, apparently wanting to come out through my mouth, like a snake from a witch's mouth.
On Thursday the 19th, around 1.00 p.m., it is decided to perform a
Caesarean, despite early signs of septicaemia. Off to the anaesthetist l
go. Ciao everyone, l'm finally going to get sorne sleep!

Suddenly l hear a low deep note, ending in a piercing high note. A
strange sensation cornes over me; my head seems to be turning? No. It's
my body? l am in a dark tunnel. A bright light in the distance is pulling
me towards it. Maybe this is death? l am going to pop up into "heaven"!
How easy, and fun it is! l am filled with an intense feeling of internaI
bliss. l am finally going to find out if angels have little wings!? My
vertigo increases and l am swallowed up into the light ... of the
operating room?!! Huge deception, and what's more l seem to be stuck
on the ceiling! Isn't this something? What could l possibly be doing here?

How did l leave my body so easily? l'm still me, Dany, with my memories and my personality (which is never surprised by anything). l wish l could look into a mirror ... am l a ghost? No, a ghost stuck on the ceiling seems too ridiculous! Am l smoke? Invisible smoke? No. A spirit. l must be a spirit. This is comicaI!

l watch the scene below slightly disgusted. l have always been horrified by hospitals and the sight of blood. Is that me? No, this, now, IS me. The woman there, on the operating table, was me.

Curious as ever, like aIl Geminis, l begin to wonder if l can enter into another body as easily as l left mine. There are six people around "me": a nurse, and two men, one is on my left, and my doctor, Dr Given, surrounded by two more doctors, is on my right. AIl are dressed in green (1 thought everything was white in hospitals). l focus my attention on the first man, to my left. l have the impression that l am hovering over him: l feel a strong desire to "enter" him. As if to wish it were enough, l am suddenly in his universe. There are dusty books and huge piles of documents, and Inca masks on the walls. Nothing that l find terribly interesting. Quickly, Irise out of him as if having reached the bottom of a swimming pool l had kicked off the bottom towards the air ... of the operating room!


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N.D.E 1950 - Page 2
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