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A source or essence of pure energy ... that' s it. l am not smoke. l am energy ... a small, though not negligible, source of energy. It is an astonishing sensation to be both lime Il with my memories and this energy, which is a part of me: it is "me" and "her". We are one. Is that why and how l can travel so rapidly and slip in everywhere? Where is my husband? l hear a voice very distinctly:

You have run out of time. The moment ta choose has come: do you want to stay with us, or go back to your body ?

The idea of going back to that body doesn't appeal to me at aIl. It IS so much more fun to travel about through others! l look at the child being taken out of the body's stomach: is it a girl? l am ready to go back should that be the case.

- No, it is a boy.

- Will he need me?

- No one needs anyone, everyone needs everyone.

- If I go back to my body will I be able to continue these travels?

- Yes, in order to help others.

Frankly, the thought of going back doesn't thrill me. Only my Gemini curiosity incites me to attempt this experience again. l spread out over the body. l pull on a leg, then the other and move up to the arms with great difficulty. It feels as if l am trying to put on a diver's wetsuit that is a few sizes too small! The hardest is the head: this tiny headpiece is no longer my size, this incarnation is very difficult.

Enough of this, l refuse to go on:

- No ... No! l don't want to go back! Have pit y on me! Let me come back with you. l have made a mistake! This is horrible! Have pit y ... l want to come back to you ... l want to come back ....


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